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About: Spaying & Neutering

The best time to have your pet spayed or neutered is at six months of age. At this age, maximum benefits are achieved. Also, spaying and neutering will not change your pet’s personality, except to make him or her a better pet.

  • Spaying your female pet will:

  • • eliminate heat cycles
  • • eliminate the inconvenience from having to protect her from males
  • • prevent unwanted pregnancy
  • • decrease the risk of mammary, ovarian and uterine cancer and infection
  • • control the pet population

  • Neutering your male pet will:

  • • Decrease or eliminate spraying to “mark” his territory
  • • Eliminate strong urine odor associated with tomcats
  • • Eliminate roaming in search of females
  • • Decrease aggression and fighting
  • • Decrease the risk of prostate and testicular cancer
  • • Control the pet population